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number of times you fish per year

Poll: number of times you fish per year
100+ days per year
75 - 100 days per year
50 - 50 days per year
25 - 50 days per year
1 - 25 days per year
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number of times you fish per year
number of times you fish per year

Please list targed species of fish and other aquadic species targeded and tell us how you target them, peir, river, boat .... ect....
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Re: [davetclown] number of times you fish per year In reply to
Not nearly as much as I used to in MN. It's just difficult to adjust to new work hours and less people you know who know the waters of the area and not nearly as many places to fish. And it's a totally different kind of fishing. I'm used to going after crappies, sunnies, bluegills, bass, northern pike, etc.

Here it's mainly trout, steelhead, salmon, and sturgeon. Mostly rivers of which I don't have the proper gear to fish the rivers with for these types of fish. And to top it off, it's hard to find good public access... and when there is public access, you gotta pay to park! Wutzupwitdat?
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Re: [DrownedDesertRat] number of times you fish per year In reply to
we have to pay to park on public property here in michigan as well. almost $60.oo per year. I wont pay by the day. $6.oo per day..

Rivier fishing is what we used to call lazy mans fishing when I was a kid.

you take a rod stand or a forked tree branch to make a rod stand. stick it in the ground near the river bank. a lawn chair, cooler, radio, kick back and relax....

take split shot, if the water is moving to fast larger slip sinkers of flat sinkers help to keep your line out where you want it.

a plain hook tipped off with some kind of bait and your good to go, and if you get as lazy as me, then you need to add a bell to your gear.

if you want I can take a pick of a couple riggings. You can still use your spinning gear with out having to invest in flyfishing equipment.
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Re: [davetclown] number of times you fish per year In reply to
Here too in central Oregon many of the higher elevation lakes in the Cascade Mtns, are being micro-managed by of all people those who run one of the premier ski resorts there. Some areas you cant even park around the lakes without a recreation use permit and near many of the creeks as well.

Trout is the dominant fishing here with some steelhead in the Deschutes River, smallmouth bass in a couple of the lakes as well as a small contingent of Crappie some bullhead cats and only one lake with some imported Florida strain largemouth bass thrown in.

I usually target the fish from a small aluminum boat and often from a float tube in the waters not affected by algae bloom. Prefer float tube whenever possible as it puts the fishing somehow more upfront and personal.

Fishing techniques vary greatly from pulling lake trolls and lures or bait, Dry flies on casting bubbles, drifting over fish holding areas with a dropper rig and bait or feeding the kid in me with upgraded bobber fishing using slip floats. This is by far one of the most versatile weapons in my fishing arsenal. I target any type of fish that presents itself to include an occasional trip to the coast to get my saltwater fix . Dont even begin to ask me what I fish for there as the list just keeps growing ,