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Poll: Walleye
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Fish not found in our area of the State
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how do your rate the species of walleye?

pic's and aditional comments are always welcome...
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Re: [davetclown] Walleye In reply to
Now that's a tough one to answer. For me, it's A, B, and D. No way it can be C.

First of all, it's a great fish to catch! Why do you think they have pro tourney's for them?

Secondly, I'm told its some of the best tasting freshwater fish there is. I wouldn't know cuz I'm a vegetarian.

And lastly, I'm told they are in the Portland area but only in very specific areas. If I wanna get into them I need to head toward eastern Oregon.

That does it... I need to buy some propertly, build me a lake, and stock it with good ol' marble eyes and northern pike and all them great midwest fish!
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Re: [davetclown] Walleye In reply to

Sorry, but a walleye is NOT a fun fish to catch. I would rather catch a 12" "bow or cut" than a 26 inch walleye. Now if you are thinking eating delight, you can't beat a walleye (a large perch basically), but perch fight more than a walleye does.
Walleye bite usually in the eatly morning or late at night (dusk ar after dark), spinner baits, rapalas, crawler harnesses with or without ba bottom bouncer works well. They are not the easiest to catch but they are worth it at the dinner table. Unfortunaltely, I don't have pics but hope to in 2 weeks when the water warms up and the bite will be on.
Good luck

Dupont spinner
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Re: [davetclown] Walleye In reply to
from what I know u need a boat heard their tasty
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Re: [Back_lash] Walleye In reply to
having a boat dose make things easier, but all together nessisary.

if you are fishing for them on a lake, look for them on gravely areas and drop offs, a leach minnow some times even a worm under a bobber, Slip bobbers work great if you are profitient enough to use them.

along sea walls on rivers are a great place to target river eyes, I get them along the detroit rivers and the st clair river right off the boardwalk, "watch that frist step, its a twenty footer"