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New fly rod outfit

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New fly rod outfit
Hello. I don't know anything about fly fishing or the equipment. I found a setup at my local outdoor store and they want $40 for it. It's an 8' pole and a small reel. No line on it though. Should I steer clear of this or could this be a good starter setup? Sorry I don't have any more detail about it.

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Re: [rw02kr43] New fly rod outfit In reply to
I would like to answer this in more detail, but I will keep it short.
IF you are not sure this is what you want, then by all means experiment with it. BUT, it works two ways. It is like buying a set of WALLY WORLD tools or SNAP-On both will do the job, but one is made allot better.

I learned many years ago with old heavy bamboo and seriously hated it. I prefered the old spinning outfit because of weight and length.
Later I received a NAME BRAND out-fit and have NEVER GONE BACK.
Same is true with my guitars. Started off with a cheap one with strings an inch off the fret board. I learned, but it was twice as long and %$#% on the fingers.

There is some truth to you get what you pay for.

NOW, on the other hand. If you are fishing for TROUT (you didn't say what species you are targeting) the LINE, and FLY is the most important thing.
A good rod will help you deliver the fly better.

For $40. I say try it, but take into account what I said and have an open mind about upgrading.
The more experienced you get you will feel the difference. But then again, I fish an EAGLE CLAW @ $14. LOL BUT, it cast like crap...okay for stillwater.

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Re: [flygoddess] New fly rod outfit In reply to
Thanks for the reply. I'll mostly use the fly for fishing some streams we have around here. They have mostly smallmouth and some small fish in them. Might also use it for bluegill in some of the ponds around here.

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Re: [rw02kr43] New fly rod outfit In reply to
Hi there rw02kr43 - and thanks for stopping by the Fly Fishing forum. Since you have limited knowledge or none at all about fly fishing I would suggest that you seek out a store that specializes in fly fishing. If none are available in your area, Bass Pro has a separate FF dept or check out an Orvis shop. Talk to the folks there about your intentions. Most will even let you try on their rods right on the spot.

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Re: [rw02kr43] New fly rod outfit In reply to
Personally, I'd pass.

Yes, you can learn on a cheap, possibly imbalanced outfit. You can learn on anything. But the difficulty of doing so may not be worth the trouble.

Flyfishing can be a rewarding, life-long hobby. But if you start out getting frustrated because you can't get the equipment to work right, they you're likely to give it up.

This is especially true if you're on-your-own, with no other flyfishers to show you the ropes.

I would find either a flyshop, or a place with a flyfishing department, and talk to the clerks there. You can get some name-brand balanced outfits for as little as twice what the unknown will cost---and they'll include a line and a couple of flies, as well as a balanced rod and reel.

Also, inquire around. There might be a flyfishing club near you. That would be the best source of both information, and possibly gear. There's always decent used stuff kicking around, and you can make yourself a deal that way.

Welcome to the brotherhood (yes, FG, and sisterhood) of the fly.


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