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new crappie hole

fishing fishing
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new crappie hole

Me and Jimflash found a new crappie spot today. Just plan old minnow and bobber fishing, I cant wait to see how this place is gonna be once it cools off and the fish start schooling up.


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Re: [mattscru] new crappie hole In reply to
i know this is an old post. Would you mind telling me where this crappie spot of yours is?
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Re: [maintrain] new crappie hole In reply to
No doubt its Crappie time out that way, gotta wait a couple three weeks up here in the mittin state...

If ya know a lake that has been known for crappie, I dont know about down there but up here we catch them in the canals in the spring...Wink

good luck, let us know how you do, "ya dont have to give away your sweet spot" Tongue

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