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Click on the link below for:

Easy method for resizing pictures;page=unread#unread


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Step by step guide for adding pictures to your post;page=unread#unread

Link to list of members that want to fish with others:;page=unread#unread

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BFT is to be a family friendly place. One where people can come and enjoy discussion of their favorite activity.

As moderators, one of our responsibilities is to make sure that every person can do so without the need to feel like they have to defend themselves, or expect a response to a thread or post that is some kind of attack of a personal nature, a response that is directed at their integrity, or a response that is spiteful and only intended to elicit an angry reply.

We all enjoy a good discussion and we at BFT encourage healthy discourse - even about controversial topics related to fishing.

Nevertheless; although every person is entitled to their own opinion, everyone else is not entitled to have that opinion shoved in their face. Nobody's opinion is so right that it needs to be forced upon everyone else.

It is perfectly acceptable to disagree and post an opinion to the contrary.

However, it is not acceptable to badger, bully, harass, or pursue an individual from one thread to another. That could be considered a form of stalking.

Good natured jesting between friends is something we all do. And, for most people, it can be fun. However, if it is not good natured or not between close associates, it can be perceived as rude and offensive.

If you feel a strong disagreement with, or dislike for, an individual, then treat that person as you would "an already irritated half drunk Hell's Angel". And, either use some discretion with your response, or, do not join in that discussion by avoiding the thread altogether.

Thank you again to all of you great BFT members that make this a fun place to come and share our fishing experiences and adventures.

"Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy."
- Jimmy Carter
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If you ever see a post that is not in accordance with the BFT guidelines, please click on the "Report Post" button. This will send a PM to every moderator on that particular board and they will review the post and take corrective action if deemed necessary.

"Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy."
- Jimmy Carter

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