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Northern Pike (Lake size, lures?)

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Northern Pike (Lake size, lures?)
Hi there

Well, I have a few questions about pike.

I was looking at a few pics posted on here with guys holding nice northerns, and some pics were taken on the shore of a small pond? Can pike live in such a small body of water?

If I were to fish area pond (unfished ponds) what kind of lures and such could I throw for pike?


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Re: [hawghunter1] Northern Pike (Lake size, lures?) In reply to
I've seen pike in some rather small waters. I think if they have a food source or two then they can probably survive.

As far as what to throw in search for them, I would throw something that imitates what they are currently eating in that pond/lake. What food is already available to them? If you find that small minnows are in there throw some lures that look like that. If the pond/lake has frogs throw them. etc....

Try anything in your box for them if you cant find anything in the pond right off. See what they want.
Esox: Cause everything else you catch is just bait.
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Re: [hawghunter1] Northern Pike (Lake size, lures?) In reply to
Here is part of a good story I wrote about my favorite Pike lure, just click the link at the end to see the whole story. The lure is the only one I ever found that works, The RED EYE WIGGLER....
My Favorite for real Pike catching Lure!
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I'm just your average fishin' guy. I've never bought a new fishin' pole in my life, garage sale poles suit me just fine. I'm a worm guy, maybe minnows once in a while. But this is about my secret lure that works for me.
It's funny because my buddy and I were out about 7pm for the last two days, he's using worms, and favorite lure. He caught panfish, and I caught "Real Fish". It's always great when you earn the "Fisherman of the day" title.
Well, I can say I've never been excited about a lure as much as this lure has made me. I've caught Pike and Bass consistantly on it through the years. About 20 years ago, I don't exactly remember who or where it was introduced to me, but I'm gald it was.
I'm sure we all have read lots of advice on the internet about lures, and belong to many fishing forums, and have tried a few of the so called "killer" lures, only to be disappointed......I must add I think alot of what I've read could very well just be pumping,(trying to sell), the lures..advertising. Let me just say, I have absolutly no affiliation with this lure company, and will gain nothing besides the satisfaction that I'm sharing it with my fishing buddy's.
And of course, it might not work for everyone as well as me. I'm in Michigan..

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Re: [hawghunter1] Northern Pike (Lake size, lures?) In reply to
daredevils are my favorite..but any spoons..spinners or large minnow imitation should work..