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better or worse???

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Poll: better or worse???
the same
to early to tell
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better or worse???
what do you think of our state dnr now that the new lady is running it...i personally think it couldnt be any worse than the idiot we had in there wonder minisota fired him..the new director has the experiance and is at least to say its better..
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Re: [lurtch] better or worse??? In reply to
I have seen two positive things tho for the most part, the economy and past political influences have been detrimental to michigans tourism/outdoor sports venue.

to mention the positive points is, new seasons one an early doe season wich helps those who would like to harvest thier does early and aids in helping to reduce crop damage to michigans agriculture.

Thanks to the turkies ability to multiply and sence to sleep in trees at night has increased thier populations so that there are getting to be more hunts. I look forward to the day when every one can walk out and pick up a turkey license over the counter with out haveing to go though the lottery system.

and last, for the past couple years I have seen that the parks have been given the lattitude to work on endevors and programs of thier own to eintice more attendance by a greater diverce audiance of residents. When ingler was in office he tied the hands of our park manigers so they could realy do nothing.

This all comes to late to save many assets of a lot of parks. Prior to ingler the state of michigan had estamated a shortage of labor for parks by the year 2000. ingler got in to office and the short fall of available park employee whent to an elimination of park programs which eliminated the need for employees. at the same time when ingler eliminated the elected position of the highest dnr officer to an apointed one, he was able to steal monies from the dnr and park systems unchecked....

so you will understand when I vote that it is to early to tell....
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Re: [davetclown] better or worse??? In reply to
englers ways of trying to run the dnr through the state was very detromental to all cut the deer heard to record low numbers ..the trout population was almost non existant and the parks are still in shambles..ive seen alot more trout stockings and a changein how they give out doe permits..there holding alot of meetings and doing alot of studies hope fully something good comes out of all i have the same early to tell..but i am glad there doing something...dont know if itll work or if its possible to fix the mess that engler and his buddy that he put in charge of the dnr made..cross your fingers and wait and see thats all we can do...