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Fishing Forever Survey

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Fishing Forever Survey

Fishing is a great sport that most anglers are very passionate about. The number of anglers participating in fishing each year is on a slight decline. We are doing some research and have decided to turn to the angling community to help us investigate methods to bring new anglers into the sport. We are also looking at methods of keeping participating anglers continuing to participate.

We would really appreciate if you, the anglers could take a few minutes (promise it will only take a few minutes) to follow the link provided and then fill out the survey.

As a reward for your efforts and participation, there is the possibility by participating in the survey, you may win a $500.00 tackle package.

Here is the link to the survey:


Fishing Forever Team
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Re: [topwaterbite] Fishing Forever Survey In reply to
I didn't even make it through the very first question of your survey.. You jump from 1 to 3x a year to every weekend rain or shine.. I fall in the middle somewhere, and I bet a lot of other people do as well..

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