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How I lassoed a salmon

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How I lassoed a salmon
I currently live in Idaho, but used to live near Seattle, where I would fish off the pier at Dash Point when the salmon were running. The silvers would often come right under the pier, in schools of anywhere from 6 to 20 fish.

I was casting a plug cut herring, using a dual hook rig. Basically a 2 ounce banana weight with a 3 foot leader and two snelled octopus hooks separated by about 7 inches of line. You cast it out and then let the herring fall and then retrieve it with a series of jigging motions.

I felt this thump on the line and set the hook, but the fish was fighting really weird. It was running all over the place and was really tough to pull in. It wasn't until I got it up to the pier that I figured out why...

The top hook was lying flat against the fish's back, and the bottom hook's point was locked in it, with the line looped around the salmon's body just behind the pectoral fins. Basically, I lassoed a silver by the armpits. Best I could figure, it struck at the herring and missed, then got tangled in the line separating the hooks.

Fortunately, someone there had a crab ring, and we were able to get the fish up onto the pier without any trouble.
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Welcome to the site Stacy and great story, thanks for sharing it. In case you have not been to the Idaho forum you should check it out, there are a lot of great folks there with a lot of helpful information about fishing your local area. Here is a link to that board:

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