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Alabama High School Bass Fishing

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Alabama High School Bass Fishing
We are in the process of putting a Alabama High School Bass Fishing Club tournament schedule together for the spring of 2010. (We plan on having 3 tournaments and a club championship. Depending on school participation, we want to have a tournament for the north, central, and a south event.) We will be having an organizational meeting in about 2 weeks. If possible we are thinking about putting together an informal high school club tournament for early Nov.TBA to further get everyone on the same page as we organize our clubs in the schools.
Right now the best thing to do is email me (below) so that I can get you on the list for the meeting and other information. Also, get a club organized in your local high school. You need a faculty sponsor to take the idea to the principal. I do not think there will be any problem starting the clubs in the schools, if the kids want it and we have a faculty sponsor. When you email me provide me the information on what school or schools that you will be working on.
The way it looks now, we will fish on a club level this year and next year and we could possibly have a AHSAA state championship in the 2011-2012 school year if everything works out and we meet all AHSAA requirments.
This is going to be a great thing for our girls and boys in Alabama High Schools.
We can use this thread to discuss this topic, but if you are interested in helping use the contact info below to get on the list.
Tim Tidwell
Alabama Family Outdoors