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Idaho falls Butcher

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Idaho falls Butcher
I am going elk hunting... probably, but I live in an apartment and so I can't store my Elk anywhere and/or butcher it myself, so I need a butcher that I can go to and just have it done. Know of anything? email me @
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Re: [prodigal_son] Idaho falls Butcher In reply to
if you dont end up with a contact let me know by Privet Message, I will contact my butcher friends here to see if they know of anyone from thier butchers association out your way..

there are places around me that can store your keep but I am a long way from you, You might be suprized how much you can put in to a medium sized apartment chest freezer for the fraction of the price of having it stored..

I have an upright 21 foot cubic freezer that at this time has half a 500 pund cow, a pig and a half, 5 salmon, one white tail deer, and a few small oddball items....

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