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Fatal shooting in Monroe Co., Mich.

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Poll: Fatal shooting in Monroe Co., Mich.
Sorry to hear the boy died, but it is not a hunting accident
It is lawfull to hunt from a moving vehical so it is an accident
You did not give me an option I liked so I will post below
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Fatal shooting in Monroe Co., Mich.
Fatal shooting in Monroe Co., Mich.
Personaly, I dont beleive this is a hunting accident.
Michigan State Laws were broken.

It is unlawfull to hunt from an atv other than those who have disability permits from the state. '

In addition it is unlawfull to transport a loaded hunting gun on an atv.

Charging this to a hunting accident is realy a shamefull thing to do, it harms the sport of hunting because of the unlawfull acts of others....

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