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007 GAME

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007 GAME
I played this video game with my step kids that was gruesome... This guy caught dude spying on him and he took ball bat and broke his leg in little pieces... Today's video games are horrific... But I guess if I caught someone doing it to me I would make him pay dearly and get away with it... Life is jungle and some are lions and some act like they are... Video games are down fall of American kids....

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Re: [Madman25] 007 GAME In reply to
you are absolutely right video games are being made full of violence more than necessary.just so that their sale could go up.i also play a lot of video games and i support games like starcraft,command and conquer but not games that might mess up with the looking glass of a thirteen year old boy.and the video games can consume a lot of usefull time that student should be using in raising their average act score .
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