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what's your favorite turkey loads for...

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what's your favorite turkey loads for a shotgun?
I'm thinking of giving turkey hunting a try this year and the spring season is not to far away. So i was wondering what shells are the best? if it helps i have a franchi i12 12 gauge which can take up to 3in shells.
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Re: [DSbass] what's your favorite turkey loads for a shotgun? In reply to
First of all, I am no expert, just suscessfull turkey harvest in the past. But I wll share what I know.

They sell a turkey shot, any brand will do, they are all expencive.

Michigan calls for a minnimum of number #4 shot.

to put it in to perspective, any thing that will effectivly do a squirl will do a turkey.

I use remington express. High Brass..

the trick is know your pattern and range and calling a bird in to that range. Then dont shoot if there is a chance of hitting a second bird.

The three inch magnum will give you more shot at a greater range. A longer barrol with a full choke will give you a tighter pattern at a longer range.

find your self a target range where you can determine the prime range for your gun and selected round.

place up a few bails of hay or something to mount a peice of card board.

get a paper plate and mount that on the card board.

draw a turkey head on the plate just for fun.

walk back about 60-90 feet and let a round fly in to the plate. if you have a tight pattern with only a cople stray pellets out side the plate you may have a longer range and can back up another 10 feet and shoot again.

if you have a wide pattern with spray out side the peramiter of the paper plate then you will have to shoot at a closer range..

not to worie, I have gotten turks to come with in 10 feet of me.

all of your shots are going to be walking or standing.

they can easuly be taken with a bow as well,

They have good eye site and good hearing. The sport is not the shot but the calling them in to range. The reward is a nice fan tail and a beard plaque and dinner for 6 just so long as you make a head shot and dont fill the bird full of shot.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.