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We need your opinion

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We need your opinion
Hello Members,
We are working on a series of T.V. commercial spots to promote these fishing forums and that we will be running on Rocky Mountain T.V., WFN and Outdoor Channel. Can you please take a moment and click the link below to take .30 seconds and watch our latest spot. If you could take a moment after watching it and click the "Comment on this video" we would really appreciate any advice or suggestions you have on what you think we can do to improve or let us know if you like it the way it is?

Click to view Video


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Mike H
BFT Staff
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Re: [theangler] We need your opinion In reply to
In my opinion you must want to advertise your forum on different social networks , create new threads that must be unique & also used to advertise your forum on places like Musandam Dibba or Yacht Charter in Dubai fishing place upload pictures of events .

No links Please!
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