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Walleye Fishing

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Walleye Fishing
Looking for some information about Walleye fishing on the Columbia around Crow Butt. Would like to make a trip this spring so any help would be appreciated.
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Re: [AverysAdventure] Walleye Fishing In reply to
I have never been to Crow Butt, but have gone walleye fishing many times.

The Columbia offers a wide variety of places to go. Some people fish off the dock for walleye, some don't. It's no secret that boat fishing is the best for a good Walleye catch. Walleye are a tricky fish. One minute they are biting like crazy, and the rest of the time they seem as if they were never there.

Tips on finding a Walleye fishing spot:
-Find a location with a rocky bottom with a depth of around 25-40'
-Time to go: 7 AM till noon, or 5 PM till it gets dark
-Use bottom walkers
-Try different grub. Popular colors are bright green, yellow and red. Use a jig lead hook.
-Troll your boat at around 3-5mph, this all depends on wind and the how strong the current is.

Hope that helps and have fun!!
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Re: [Outdoor-Fishing] Walleye Fishing In reply to
Just make sure to have a depth finer... when i go waleye fishing on columbia, I usually stand from 8-30ft in the summer... it moves down to 80-140 in the fall and winter... spring fishing is great up by colville.
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