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Using boat drift sock on float tube

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Re: [TubeDude] Using boat drift sock on float tube In reply to
I have an anchor rig for my toon but they only time I use it is on strawberry when the wind starts picking up. I haven't used it in about 10 years.Cool Now that I have the motor it helps with the drift. So 1tuber, think about making a tug for your tube and obtaining a minn kota 30 or similar. Just an idea.

Fishing and trains...what else is there? BASEBALL.......
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Re: [albinotrout] Using boat drift sock on float tube In reply to
Quote: Hey i go to a lake that is close to a beach in California it always seems to be windy ALL the time i want a steady drift.

I took it as he was not looking for an anchor at all, but rather a free ride....a sail, a wind sock. The idea is totally doable for stillwater.
Again, I know several that USE windsocks for the drift.

I don't think a heavy Battery and motor are an answer or an option for this young man. That and the fact he is 12 years old.

And for the Chain and Rock anchor...key word ANCHOR, they are out there in my opinion, specially from a small vessel.
The only damage I can see from either is in moving water/river where they are being dragged. But again, Blow out can do some major damage too.

BUT, they SLOW YOU DOWN...again, he is lookin for something to help him move without kicking all day.

In answer to the original question...I think a windsock is a thought worth trying. Try a home made version to save the pennys first.

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