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Powell Bassin

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Powell Bassin
I talked 2 of my friends into running down to Lake Powell (Wahweap) Last Friday night to try for some bass fishin. We had to leave late Thursday so we stayed at Page and got to the marina at 6:30am Utah time. The ramp was closed until 6:00am AZ time so we had to wait for another 30 minutes and then the person to check out boat didn't show up for another 30 minutes after that.Unsure Anyway got on the lake and headed to Warm Creek. We were after stripers mainly, but thought we would try our luck for SMB and LMB and some crappie. We could see some nests, but not many fish on them. We ended up trying Padre Bay and also over to Lone Rock.

We ended up catching mostly SMB, LMB and some Crappie on senko and yamamoto hula grubs. I had good luck with a crawdad lure. We only got one striper the whole day, but my friend picked up a walleye when we were trolling. We trolled with everything from deep divers that got down to over 20' to shad imitation lures at all depths. Fish we marked were mostly from 15' down to 35'.

We had two Mallard Ducks that followed us while we were trolling for about 1 hour.

First fish of the day....

Friends getting into them.

Huge Crappie...

And the walleye....

Although we were disappointed that we didn't get into the stripers, we caught 5 different species of fish and had a great time. The weather was perfect. We are all amateurs and probably could have done better with somebody that knows their bass, but I think we were still just a little too early. Should be great fishing down there in the next few weeks. I hope to get down there one more time to fill up some of my freezer with some of those yummy stripers. I did keep one crappie, striper and walleye and we fried them up tonight. I have never eaten walleye or crappie. I must admit there were just as good as the striper.Sly
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Re: [troutgass] Powell Bassin In reply to
Those are some good pics. The colors on those crappie are sweet! Walleye and crappie are excellent eating. They always do well when carefully released into hot oil covered with some seasoned corn meal or flour Laugh