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Giant tarpon Rod aqnd a Rucksack...

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Giant tarpon Rod aqnd a Rucksack premiere 16th May WFN
My name is Guy Elson and I would like to invite you to watch my new documentary, "Rod and A Rucksack" which premieres on WFN on the 16th of May. I would love to know what you guys think of it and any comments would be much appreciated.

The film documents a trip to remote Nicaraguan border of Costa Rica
searching for giant Tarpon. We have great action with Tarpon bigger than a man!, aswell as Jacks, BlackfinTuna and rare wildlife footage of an endangered Greenback Turtle after laying its eggs.

The basic premise is a lonely planet style guide to adventure fishing
which incorporates elements of travel, wildlife and culture whilst on a
journey to find exotic species of fish.

This film received no funding so I am very proud that it has made it to broadcast on WFN. I am trying to get this film commissioned as a series, so if you enjoy the film please let your friends and WFN know.

Many thanks
Guy Elson

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