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Manchac Catfishing

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Manchac Catfishing
I have only fished there but once but i know there are big catfish in lake manchac. Anyone know what time of year the catfish are biting the best in louisiana? I believe i have my fishing time rite,i was told catfish feed between sundown and sunup/ and truth in this?

any reply will be appreciated Fishin'
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Re: [TheDarkness] Manchac Catfishing In reply to
The lake is brackish and suffered some fish kills from Katrina but is coming back. Big flatheads in the main lake and all the rivers feeding into the lake have big blues. Look for moving water to catch the blues and try live bait or big bloody baits for the flatheads in the main lake holes. If you want to catch the big flatheads they are know to school in the summer under the hwy 55 and 51 bridges. Channel cats are everywhere and always ready to hit. You can pretty much fish for the cats most anytime of the year but it is best from April until October. Hope this helps!
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Re: [bassprochuck] Manchac Catfishing In reply to
Thanks it is appreciated, but cant say it helps lol. Havnt gotten a chance to go back since!!!!! I will though. best believe thanks alot anyway man =).
Jeremiah Owens,
Louisiana Freshwater Angler

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