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proposed ban on lead lures

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proposed ban on lead lures
proposed ban on lead lures
Listed below is a web site link to voice your opinion on a proposed Lead ban on all lead based tackle which will also include many pieces made of brass.
The EPA has a proposed ban on this equipment under the Toxic Substance Control Act.
It is very important that you respond to have your voice heard on this opinion. By going to this link you can follow the steps to send a message to congress.
The Bass Federation will have a National Email blast going out to all of our TBF members but please, send this to everyone you can!
The shooting sports were able to get this ban repealed on Lead Ammo by banning together and voicing their opinion. We need to do the same!

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Re: [davetclown] proposed ban on lead lures In reply to
Glad you posted this DaveT, I have to buy steel while fishing VT and it gets costly. If I had to switch all my tackle to steel, it would cost a fortune. From what I understand very few animals are affected by lead, so lets not go crazy over this issue.

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Re: [davetclown] proposed ban on lead lures In reply to
Could happen could not. I know spots around the country that are non toxic usally dont fish em cuz all my gear is lead and I have stockpiles so makes no sense go out and spend more $. Just dont mess with my ammoCool