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The 2nd Guangzhou International...

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The 2nd Guangzhou International Fishing Fair 2011& The Global Lure Culture Festival 2011
Main Topic of the 8th Guangzhou International Leisure & Recreational Industry Expo

The 2nd Guangzhou International Fishing Fair 2011& The Global Lure Culture Festival 2011
Show Dates: March 3rd -5th, 2011
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex

Sponsored by:
Asia Fishing Tackle Business Alliance Association
The Guangdong Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation
Guangdong Council for the Promotion of Cultural Industries
Chamber of Dealers in Guangdong Province
GD-HK Economic & Cooperation Exchange Association
Hong Kong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Limited

Organized by:
Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd


Market Analysis
A. The imports of China's Fishing Tackle Product in 2009
The total import value of fishing tackle products in China last year was US $43.16 million, 28.05% higher than the same period in 2008, and the growth rate increased 28 points of percentage. (The import value of 2008 was up -0.4 percent points compared to 2007)

The imports of fishing tackle in China continues unabated and growth rapidly. So far as the fishing reel is concerned, the import volume, amount and growth rates of import capital were kept growing, of this total, the import amount was up by tripled; For fishing rod, it has increased by 300%, although its import value dropped by 27 points of percentage in the growth rate, up 15.71% in import value as compared. At the same time, the fishing hook and accessories' amount tends to go down, but the import value was kept risen and up by 65 percentage points.

B. The exports of China's Fishing Tackle Product in 2009
The total export value of China's fishing tackle products in 2009 was US $907 million, increased 0.33% than the same period of last year, and the growth rate dropped by 14 points of percentage. (The export value of 2008 was up 14.15 per cent points compared to 2007)
The export trade of 2009 China fishing tackle product still kept growing, but affected by the financial crisis, the growth of export slowed down significantly, up only 0.33%. There was a declined in export amount for fishing tackle products, and fishing accessories to be the biggest decrease products, took a third of the total proportion of the quantity. Except the total amount of export capital for fishing accessories decreased about 4.05%, all other fishing tackle products in exports have made some increased, but at a modest rate with the biggest of 6.36%. All these have explained that China's fishing tackle trade volume dropped and price increased, that is to say, fishing tackle products' added value has grown.

Why Fish Guangzhou?
In view of the rapid development of China's fishing tackle industry and market, FISH GUANGZHOU is dedicated to creating the most influential fishing tackle trading platform in Asia. We are based in Guangzhou and service to the global, the mission of FISH GUANGZHOU is to help thousands of foreign enterprises to develop in China, and for domestic enterprises to explore overseas market so as to develop various international exchange programs and cooperation between overseas and China companies, thereby promoting development of the world's fishing tackle industry.

Review of Fish Guangzhou 2010
The first edition of Guangzhou International Fishing Fair (Fish Guangzhou 2010) was successfully held from March 30 to April 1, 2010 in China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex. During the entire 3-day show period, FISH GUANGZHOU have attracted a total of 236 international professional buyers & 6213 domestic purchasers from all over the world. The main 53 exhibitors expressed great joy after receiving large inquiries from them, who are interested in importing and distributing their products.

"Although FISH GUANGZHOU is a new exhibition and this is our first time to attend international fair, we received several orders during the fair, it has been a very successful and for this reason we decided to participate in the next exhibition." reported Mr. Xu, Marketing Director of M·K (Joton) International Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

Richard Tan, VP Sales & Marketing of Alphatan International Inc (PrecisionPak), said that it was their first time to exhibit in China, no bad on the whole, many customers were interested to be their distributors and agents.

"The facilities in Pazhou Complex are excellent, and you gave a very good service. We will encourage FISH GUANGZHOU to be held very much, most of the companies would prefer to exhibit at one trade show near their companies, it can not only reduce costs but also save time, so we wish FISH GUANGZHOU to be a successful international fishing industry event." Said Mr. Zheng Boyuan, Marketing Director of Sunstar Taiwan Ent. Co., Ltd (Shimano).

In addition to these examples, many exhibitors reported that they got fruitful business results through participating at FISH GUANGZHOU.

Exhibition Scope
Fishing Tackle:
Fishing rod, lure, bait, fishhook, fishing line, fishing net, fishing reel, floating and accessories, fishing tackle box, bite indicator, bite sensors, fishing stand, fish detector, fishfinder machine, fishing rope etc.

Relevant Products:
Fishing clothing, fishing boat, fishing glasses, fishing bag, tourism tents, waterproof boots,sun umbrella, beach chair, professional fishing knife, life jacket, rubber boat, all kinds of fishing nets, night fishing light, video supplies,fishing book, and relevant published materials of fishing tackle.

Advantages of Regional Market
Guangzhou, located at the north of the Pearl River delta, is an important trading center as well as a busy port and the capital city of the province of Guangdong. It is a regional central city in South China, a communication and telecommunication hub, and China's "Southern Gateway" to the world.

Fish Guangzhou 2011 will be held in Asia's largest exhibition hall--China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, which is the top-ranking exhibition venue. It can improve the visibility of exhibitors and expand the effect of exhibiting, also will help establish a better brand image.

Target Visitors
1. All levels of fishing tackle agents, dealers, import and export traders, wholesalers and distributors;
2. Large-scale fishing club, outdoor sport, health club, operating units and chain institutions;
3. Government agencies, schools and industry- related organizations, associations, media, etc.

Industry Brilliant High-end Activities
♣ The Global Lure Culture Festival 2011
More than 10 industry professionals will be invited to share their experience, and bait experimental tank will be set up for demonstration fishing techniques. The global lure culture gallery can help you enjoy worldwide lure customs.
♣ World Fishing Tackle Business Conference 2011 (WTBC)
All industry experts, leaders etc are welcome to discuss the fishing tackle industry's new standard, new trends, new policies, industry service management, technology barriers etc, so as to solve the enterprises' problems, and promote the development of the industry.

Booth Fee
Standard Booth(3m×3m): USD 1,500 /booth
(added 10% booth fees for the corner Stand and Two-side-open)
Booth Facilities:One information desk, two chairs, two lights, door lintel, three boards(2.5m height), carpet and one wastebasket.
Other facilities wanted can self-supply or rent from the Exhibition Hall in advance.

Raw Space(min. 36 m2): USD 150 / m2
Only space is provided.
Exhibitors shall hire a contractor to build up the stand.
Special decorate management fees: RMB 50 / m2.
Please contact us if catalogue advertising or on-site advertising are needed.

Application Procedure
1. After selecting booth, please fill out the "exhibitors contract" carefully with company stamp before faxing or email it to the organizing committee.
2. The exhibition fee should be transferred to the account of Hong Kong Grandeur International Group Limited within five working days after the booth application is confirmed and sealed by both parties.
3. Once the booth is confirmed, the“Exhibit Manual” will be reaching to the exhibitors.
4. The official invoice will be issued by the committee during the exhibiting hours to all exhibitors.

For more information please Contact:
Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Add: 2/F Meijing Garden, No.318 Chebei Road, Guangzhou, 510660, China
Tel: +86-20-22106416
Fax: +86-20-82579220
Contact Name: Joanna Teng
Mobile: +86 159 8900 2639

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