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Davis + Enviromental groups means...

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Davis + Enviromental groups means less fishing
As some of you may be aware of and others may not Davis and several enviromental groups are trying to pass laws that will effect every fisherman from the piers to the boats and everywhere in between ( including tubes )

Alot of time the tubers ( Like me ) fish bays or areas that may border conservation areas, like Anaheim Bay.

They want to out law fishing all together within like miles of a conservation area.

As well as raise fees on licenses to make up from his mis-management of state funds. He is also raising hunting licenses.

Davis is no friend to the fisherman. He is a liberal in democratic skin and will ruin fishing in California if not recalled.

Remember to vote on the recall and get Davis out of California!!
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Re: [fishfather] Davis + Enviromental groups means less fishing In reply to
CoolMe and my buddy Arnold S. are agin' any of them commie pinko whackos that wanna raise taxes and limit rights...especially fishing and shootin'.

I lived in California for a lotta years...before many of the current overdone conservation issues. I strongly believe in protecting fragile resources, but not to the tune of total exclusion from self sustaining fisheries.

Me and Arnie got yer long as we don't trip over Gary Coleman.
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Re: [TubeDude] Davis + Enviromental groups means less fishing In reply to
Crazy The California Fish and Game has already messed up the training spots for lots of the younger kids. There use to be some parks that were great for flyrodding and other stuff that now requires a license just to enter with a pole. They won't even let you use the old string on the big toe trick any more unless you have a second rod stamp. CrazyCrazyCrazyCrazy phooey!!!!! Adios Davis!!! Hasta la vista Baby!!!!! You are about to be terminated.Sly

Bass are toys. Gills and Trout are food.
There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an Idiot
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