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Ever want the weather to be nice. This time I wanted it to be not so nice. Was fishing on a cool morning one day and fishing was good. The next day , very nice day and the fish got lockjaw. Over all the 3 day trip was good. 5 nice trout , 2 flounder , 2 nice whiting , 1 nice blackdrum. Lost one huge trout inches from the bank , still can't get it out of my head.
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Re: [T-bone1] Weather In reply to
They were doing pretty good the last few days, but I have a feeling the water temps are going to get the best of the inshore stuff. If you can find a way out to 50 feet of water, the sea bass fishing is on fire, and they are BIG. We even catch the occasional keeper grouper. So, if you can muster up a 18' boat and pick your day (so you don't freeze your ass off), the fishing is the best i've seen in a few years. Try to hurry though. I believe the grouper bans kick back in first of January.

I'm in a predicament because Hunting season is also over come january, and I can't make up my mind which way I want to go. It would piss me off if I didn't make it back on the water until after January, and we caught a bunch of keeper grouper and ended up having to throw them back. What a bummer that would be.....

Way to catch'em up though man. Glad you made it down. Next time you plan a trip, let me know. Maybe we can get together, and if nothing else, meet down in Murrells Inlet and have a couple beers or something.

Bryan Draper

Your Saltwater and South Carolina Moderator

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Re: [Tarpon4me] Weather In reply to
I'd really like to do something like that . I'm never been out with some one , one on one , to show me the ropes of fishing off sure. A good cold beer or two sounds good also. I'll be in touch when I make my next trip and in advance enought to make some kind of plans....