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With the water cooling, the metro area perch are starting to turn on. Yum!

A great recipe for perch (and it only works with perch, for some reason) is to soak the filets in Sprite for 15 minutes, then dredge in a mixture of 2 cups pancake flour and 1/4 teaspoon Cayenne pepper. Fry in hot oil, about 2 minutes per side. Awesome recipe!


purple "Trophy" size lake trout are too valuable to be killed. They can live 60 years, so please release them and share the joy!

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Re: [DonInDenver] Perch!! In reply to
Never ate a single one that I remember. I got a few giants a couple days back, should have kept them.. Got a handful of average ones today. Does anyone have any tips on baking perch?
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Re: [CptHook] Perch!! In reply to
Can't beat a little butter, garlic, sprinkle of salt-peppa, and bake fillets.

Of course then there's Tubedude's Chow Down Perch Chowder - if it starts with Bacon it's gotta be good - right?

And don't forget the SuperSpice!
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