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The National Bowhunter Education Foundation
The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) is proud to announce their new safety initiative - Project STAND (Stop Tree Stand Accidents N' Deaths.) Project STANDis a comprehensive educational outreach program promoting tree stand safety and awareness. Recent studies tell us that 10% of hunters who hunt from an elevated tree stand will have some type of hunting incident at some point. This could mean an extended hospital stay, life in a wheel chair or even death. As the popularity of hunting from elevated stands continues to grow, then the chances of tree stand accidents will also grow.

Project STAND wants to deliver this extremely important safety message to the entire hunting community. Members of the hunting industry, state and federal wildlife agencies and the medical community are joining together with the NBEF to create a tiered program that will take place over a three-year time period. The program's message will be delivered through the following channels:

1. Tree Stand Safety Instructor Certification Courses - An 8-hour intensive course presented to manufacturers' reps and retailers, hunter education instructors, guides and outfitters, hunting and shooting club representatives and public safety personnel. The course participants will then be able to offer the course to the public and educate hunters on all aspects of tree stand safety. The NBEF estimates that thousands of tree stand users will be reached each year through this program.

2. Hunter Education and Bowhunter Education Classes - Traditional hunter education and bowhunter education courses will be encouraged to intensify tree stand safety components of their curriculum. New materials will be developed for the classrooms and instructors. The NBEF hopes to reach the 700,000 new hunters that take these courses each year.

3. Mass Media Campaign - Project STAND will launch an aggressive media campaign that will reach both the trade and consumer segments of the outdoor/hunting market. The "Hunt Smart, Hunt Safe" message will consist of five to six easily understood points designed to increase tree stand safety awareness and interrupt the sequence of events which typically lead up to a tree stand accident. The campaign will include the following elements:

- Public Relations -
o Provide TV producers with message templates to be utilized by the TV hosts and other recognizable TV personalities in PSA announcements.
o Provide magazine editors and outdoor writers with ongoing press releases, story ideas, fact sheets and photos designed to convey the tree stand safety message.
o Supply manufacturers', hunting, safety, emergency medical treatment and outdoor websites with Project STAND internet links and web content.

- Advertising -
o Develop an ad campaign for print, television and online that will highlight the crucial "Hunt Smart, Hunt Safe" components of effective tree stand safety.
o The NBEF hopes to secure both PSA's and paid advertising through sponsor and industry support.

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