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um they wont bite but theres a load of them in the creek and 4ft ones too but i tried chubs any thing else im fishing on a old highway brige in the sticks, so i seen 1, but went into logs and just set in the brush, so then looked off the other side and pitched a minnow infront of a small one and he stood there i was like WTF, so i haveing a badday of fishing, and um have tryed minnows and water dogs, anyother baits mabye spook? i just need help new 2 muskie`n have fished for 8yrs im 13
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Re: [loganG] muskie? In reply to
logan, those pike you are looking at are spawning, they do that this time of year.

be sure to check your rules and regs for your state, several states close pike season this time of year to protect different species during their spawning season.

nothing you would have done would have worked. they are there for one reason and then they leave.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [loganG] muskie? In reply to
give em a few weeks. then move down stream to the bigger holes. they should hold up deeper to recoupe from the spawn.
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