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Raystown 4-3-11

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Raystown 4-3-11
Went out to Raystown sunday and boy was it a tuff day!! Thats cold front had everything locked up. We were reading surface temps anywhere from 37 to 44. The water was effin cold. I threw everything i had at them bass but no dice Frown. O well thats the was the cookie crumbles sometimes lol. So i looked at my butt and said since the bass aint biting lets go look fo some pike or musky. So after fishing for them for a few hours i was bout to give up. Then i threw my rattle trap down around a point in about 13' of water and my bait stoped and my line started to wizz off the spool. I finally got her to to boat and then the really got crazy once she seen us. She was all over the place, under the boat, down the side down to the bottom. i though for sure she was gonna get tangled up around my trolling motor but somehow my buddy got my net out and in the water and we hot her in it real quick and slick. I did not weigh her since i wanted to get her back in the water ASAP. But i held her up to my ruler and she was 30". Real nice heavy fish, she made the trip worth it lol. Here is a picture of her.

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Re: [bigpikeguy] Raystown 4-3-11 In reply to
I know what ya mean bud . As ya know I was there fishing a tournament that same weekend and only had one keeper . But Ill be back up there in june to give'm heck
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