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Please help me,help identify.

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Please help me,help identify.
please see pic 100,101.First time ever seeing them,my buddy shot some in Guyana ,first for him too.I have even more pics on the way,I am curious to learn more about them, first time I see them,lived here 20years.Could this be a bad sign,loss of habbitat?climate change?anyway they look tasty,and I'm seeing more,I'm looking to hunt one soon,here is a mallard I got at the same lake,she was 2lbs gutted pic 3..I looked at a bunch of wood ducks but I'm not sure,none stood out like these,plus they are big,and these young grew up fast.

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image/jpeg 003.JPG (1.27 MB)
image/jpeg 100.JPG (1.09 MB)
image/jpeg 101.JPG (949 KB)
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