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Flaming Gorge Catch Report 5-13-11

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Flaming Gorge Catch Report 5-13-11
Well, yesterday was Friday the 13th.......funny that my luck was running higher than most other days. I finally installed my new kicker, but was dreading the initial break-in procedure. I launched at 10AM figuring I would just troll around and see what I caught.

I typically go with planer boards and snap weights this time of year to target shallow fish. I was trolling a Serpent spoon in Carribean Sunset at about 20ft and 2mph for only 15-minutes when the planer dove out of sight. I grabbed the rod and could just barely gain any on the fish. After a long battle, and removing a planer and snap weight solo, I finally got a net under it. Twenty pound mack, not bad for a kicker's maiden run. Gotta love the Gorge for surprises too.

I continued to troll up-reservoir and the shore side planer produced the most fish. I lost count on rainbows and caught an additional pup in the next couple of hours. I mid-graded the bows keeping a few of the 16-17 inchers for the grill, along with the pup. Nice red flesh and pretty tasty!

It was the nicest weather day of the year by far. Not a stitch of wind so the lake was a sheet of glass. Water temps were 52F when I launched at 10AM, but increased to 58F by the time I pulled at 2PM. The water is pretty off-colored near the dam as a result of the Cart Creek run-off but clear all the way up to Skull Creek.

Hope it helps, Ryno
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Re: [Ryno] Flaming Gorge Catch Report 5-13-11 In reply to
Nice! Three of us are heading over Wednesday and I hope we get into similar luck with fish and weather. I don't typically take my sideplaners to FG but might have to reconsider based upon your success with them.
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