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Fish Lake 5-14-11

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Fish Lake 5-14-11
We went lake hopping today and decided to head down to Redmond lake to try and catch some pike. Once we got down there I realized how close it was to Fish Lake and decided to go there instead. A good portion of the lake is now ice free. We fished off a ice ledge that was starting to fall apart. We only hit it for about 45 minutes before rain and high winds came in. This didn't mix to well with my shorts and light jacket so we took off. We didn't catch any fish but I got a couple pictures.
image/jpeg fishlake1.JPG (122 KB)
image/jpeg fishlake2.JPG (132 KB)
image/jpeg fishlake3.JPG (202 KB)
image/jpeg fishlake4.JPG (139 KB)