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Anyone have a report on Strawberry?

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Anyone have a report on Strawberry?
My dad and I might head up there tomorrow morning for some fishing. We like to fish there at this time of year with big, brown jigs in the shallows to nail the fish as they are trying to fatten up for winter. Any sort of report would be well appreciated.
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Re: [smallmouthchaser] Anyone have a report on Strawberry? In reply to
Will you be fishing from shore or on a boat? I was up there Labor Day weekend and we had a lot of success trolling a gold countdown rapala in about 60 feet of water. We just put an egg sinking (1/4 oz.) about 2 feet above the lure to get it down a little more. Best was around 8-9 in the morning. Didn't try from shore or even near shore.

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