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How To Post a Photo In your Forum Post

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How To Post a Photo In your Forum Post
Hello All,
Although there is multiple ways to post photo's in your posts on these forums the below step by step guide will help you POST PHOTO'S IN YOUR POST EASILY and so they do not appear as an attachment's (a file users have to click to see) but as part of your post.

This how-to is being done literally using these steps and your post or fish reports images will appear exactly this way and with the image sized exactly like the images below (unless your original image is smaller. Using this technique there is no need to re-size bigger images, once they are added they will be the sized as below.

Many of you are familiar with photo bucket and this is similar in technique but simpler and provides you photo storage on this site as well.

Step 1- Got to the blue menu bar above and mouse over the Big Fish Fun section, you will see the option "Fishing Photo gallery, click that link.

Step 2. Be sure you are logged in, if not log in. Click "Upload Photo" In the Upper right corner of the Photo Gallery navigation.

Step 3. After clicking "Upload Photo" you will see a simalir box to the image below, select where you want your images to upload to (top section of image below) and then click the "browse" button, this will take you to your computer were you can select the image you want to upload. NOTE: There are 10 browse buttons for uploading up to 10 photo's at a time but you can use as many or as few as you want.

Once you click the upload button a screen will come up allowing you to label your photo's before you finish posting them. Fill out what you want to and click save/upload. Now you photo's are in the gallery.

Step 4. This step is easiest completed with two browsers ope. 1 of the forums and one of the Photo gallery open to the photo or photos you published. First go to the forum you want to post at and click "New Post".

Step 5. Got to the photo gallery. Click on the picture you want to post, scroll down and you will see to sets of code. Highlight the bottom code and "copy" it.

Pic above is of thumbnails of images you click.

Pic above is actually a pic of the tutorial you are reading so it looks a bit confusing but the important part is the area at the bottom which shows you which code to select and copy.

Step 6. After you have the code for the photo you simply go back to your post and in the area you want the picture, you click the "painting icon" in the "post browser" (if you mouse over the icon it will read "insert image".

After Clicking the insert image you will see a dialog box that should automatically be set to URL, now you simply click in the dialog box and "paste" the code for your photo.

This does seem like a lot of steps but is really very simple and actually has a lot more powerful options like posting click-able thumbnails from the photogallery and many sizing options which we can supply more information on here as questions come up but please give it a try and let us know how it worked by replying to this post and feel free to post questions here.


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Mike H
BFT Staff
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Re: [theangler] How To Post a Photo In your Forum Post In reply to
What if the "painting" isn't on my editor?
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Re: [hooknhunter] How To Post a Photo In your Forum Post In reply to
It isn't in mine either but it depends on the browser you are using. I usually use Chrome but Internet Explorer has that painting. If you don't want to change browsers, some members use other picture hosting sites, like Photo Bucket.

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