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Bass jumped over my 10' jboat

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Bass jumped over my 10' jboat
2 of us in my boat were sitting facing each other,trolling speed,I was getting close to some saw grass when I must of freaked out a bass,almost a pound I quess.we could also hear its tail moving really fast in the air!,He kept perfect form in the air.He jumped from one side to the other,just over 4 feet,and 12 inches high,maybe a new record!.I saw one take my frog in really shallow water.It's like the bass new it too,It was so shallow he hydroplaned all the way back to the deep with my frog,I finally set the hook,as he went down,got him that was awesome,only inches of water with some soft silt.He traveled like 15 to 20 feet all of him out of water he literaly "high tailed it"He went for my frog even though he could have beached himself,he had to go extra shallow just to get to my plastic frog,brave bass..a bass a day keeps the doctor away...Paulpro.....

A Bass a Day Keeps the Doctor Away..
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