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Rigging Methods

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Rigging Methods
Hey guys, I have a good friend who is headed up to your part of the country to do some fishing and I was wondering if I could get some help for her on how to get set up. She asked me if I would help her and I have no clue on how to fish for anything in that part of the woods. She actually grew up in Alaska but hasn't been back to fish for a long time.

So a couple of questions: she is going after some big trout and was told that flies were really hot but she doesn't want to take a fly rod so is there a method of fishing flies with a regular rod and reel (besides the old bubble and fly method)?

Also, she will be after the salmon as well and I was wondering if anyone had any links or pictures or descriptions on what lures, lb test of line, or any other information that you all would be willing to share to help out a fellow fisherman/fisherwoman???

Thanks a ton guys and please ANY advice on how to fish up there would really be appreciated! Thanks!