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Red Snapper Meat haul

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Red Snapper Meat haul
Capt. Ron Ph#225-445-1019 Capt. Ron email -
Hello fellow anglers. What a great fishing trip with a very nice family in from Denham Springs Louisiana to fill their freezers with some of those tasty red snapper steaks and we have had the best by far snapper season in my life EVER. This year the red snapper have been absolutlu huge and the cobia have been thick as thieves and the mangrove snapper have been big and eating it up as fast as you get the bait in the water its hook up and hold on. Mr. dave works very hard in several bussiness ventures to tyr and provide for his family in this ever cahanging tough world that we live in and it was a joy to see him take a break to get out and spend some quality time with his family.
After working all nite at his night job running one of the finest poker rooms that I play cards at in Denham Springs called the Tigers den poker room Dave picked his family up and his brother in law and headed south eager for some rod bending drag screaming fish action that this snapper season have been full of and one stop today was all it took because from the first drop down where Dave's eldest son stabbed a gorilla snapper and it almost pulled him over board but I stepped over to give him a hand or two but for the most part super fisherman did it all by himself and from there it was crazy action with some times three fish on at one time and the snapper shuffle going on all over the boat. It didn't take long to wear out most of Daves kids except his oldest and he turned out to be quite the fisher man and was catching fish like wild fire and only took a few short breaks during the trip to try to stay hydrated.
Today we caught a mixed bag of gorilla red snapper mangrove snapper trigger fish lemon fish white trout and bull croakers. The final fish count for today was 16 red snappers 20 mangrove snappers 1 trigger fish 1 cobia 1 white trout and 1 bull croaker. It was a pleasure fishing with this group today and I especially enjoyed visiting with Dave's lovely wife and talking about her dreams about one day living on a tropical island some where that the tropical breezes seem to take all the cares of the world off your shoulders. All in all a great time was had by all and we achieved my goal of making some memories that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.
If you would like to make a trip Capt. Ron give us a call or drop us an email we would love to take you and your friends and family fishing but call early because the available days are going fast.If you would like to take a trip please give me a call or drop me an email and we can arrange the trip of your lifetime. And as our motto says, "RAIN OR SHINE, SLEET OR SNOW, IF YOU COME WE WILL GO!
Thanks Capt Ron

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A prety girl with a gorilla red snapper
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Re: [lightlube3] Red Snapper Meat haul In reply to
Where are you guys fishing out of? We are in South Carolina, and genuine reds are still out of season. Really nice catch though, those are some monster snapper.

Bryan Draper

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Re: [lightlube3] Red Snapper Meat haul In reply to
Real nice catch Capt. Looks like the reds I got in Florida were babys. Wink

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