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No Ice, No problem!

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No Ice, No problem!
Hello Again,

Well for you ice fisherman, this weather isn't what you need is it! However, the DIE HARD soft water fisherman, are still doing well. I have talked to several reliable fishermen that are still on the river (the north end of the flowage). I know some nice catches are also being taken on the river below the Petenwell dam off hwy. well. In the Nekoosa area walleyes are being caught by slip'n the holes below the dam and the washboard areas north of the treatment plant. The walleyes are running small as usual, but a few legal size fish were caught, and one that was close to 5#, and that female was put back to spawn this spring. (THANK YOU)! With the flows being low you can slip with ease just about the entire river. The area of the river south of the ten-mile has been good, and Skibba's has also been good for both eyes and Crappies. Back bay had skim ice on it but not safe to walk on. The area around Browns creek also was producing. Here the river channel (edges) were productive. The area of the yellow banks was also still producing. The eye's were all small but a few 15"er's were caught.

The method to use is a jig/minnow with a trailer hook for channel edges, and a weedless jig/minnow for the timber areas. One thing you need to remember is the fact that the water is COLD! (34deg.) And the walleyes WILL take a large minnow, but you need to go slow, and keep your line vertical, target those fish you mark. When you come up on these holes go beyond them and slip back thru the hole keeping contact with the bottom. I have in the past taken many eyes from the same hole. A simple lift and drop will work for you, don't snap jig, as the walleye's are not that active. You'll find that a large minnow will do the trick. These walleyes will not chase a minnow very far so the bigger the minnow the better, keep in mind that your young of year bait fish are pretty well depleted leaving the larger minnows as the prime target. If you can brave the cold, give the night fishing a try in these same areas. Make sure you do this safely, let some one know where you're! For the BEST selection of fresh minnows, stop at Jerry's Bait on hwy. 13 so. In Wis. Rapids, just a skip north from the Wal-mart super store. They sell a lot of bait and it is always fresh. For those of you reading this, I'd like to wish you a Safe and Joyous Holiday season.


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Re: [Guest] No Ice, No problem! In reply to
 Hi , lonehunter here ,

I see it's been a while since you have been to the BigFishTackle boards . With the spring runs about to begin I thought this would be the perfect time to get you reaquanted with the boards and into the free contests here . We not only have the weekly tackle give -a -way for members but we also have the 16 species contest and the product testers wanted board as well . if you need any help at all stop by the michigan board and give me a shout , i'll be right on it .

Thanks !

your fishing pal , lonehunter

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