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Indiana Snakes

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Indiana Snakes
New booklet aids identification of Indiana snakes
32 native species highlighted

Identify that snake you saw slithering through your yard and decide whether
it was dangerous or harmless with "Snakes of Indiana," a new book published
by the Department of Natural Resources and Purdue University.

Designed to help Hoosiers identify and appreciate snakes, "Snakes of
Indiana" highlights 32 native species. Information about habits and range
are included for each species and full-color photographs and diagrams help
readers identify snakes. Additional sections provide snake facts and tips
for managing snakes around homes.

The 50-page book also contains illustrations and information about venomous
snakes. Indiana has populations of only three venomous snake species, two
of which are endangered. The endangered eastern massasauga rattlesnake is
found in the northern third of Indiana while the endangered timber
rattlesnake is found in the southern third. The copperhead is found in the
southern half of the state and is the most common of Indiana's venomous

Water snakes, especially the northern and diamondback, are commonly mistaken
for venomous water moccasins (also known as cottonmouths). Water snakes can
be aggressive, but they are not venomous.

"Snakes of Indiana" is available from the DNR for $6.50 (includes tax and
shipping). To order, send check, money order or credit card information
(Visa/Mastercard) to:

Snake Booklet
DNR Customer Service
402 W. Washington St., W160
Indianapolis, IN 46024

Proceeds from the sale of the booklet go to Indiana's Endangered Wildlife
Fund, which is used to research and conserve Indiana's nongame and
endangered wildlife.

Media Contact:
Kathy Quimbach, 317-232-4080

A downloadable, publishable image of
"Snakes of Indiana" is available at:
Wild Bulletin provides information about Indiana's natural resources and
recreation. To subscribe to Wild Bulletin go to:

the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife website at:

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Re: Indiana Snakes In reply to
my friend got snake bit cutting grass at wild rose subdivision in valparaiso indiana about a month ago .It left two fang marks. he got lucky he just swelled up a little

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Re: Indiana Snakes In reply to
That could be scary....Any idea what kind of snake it was?

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Re: Indiana Snakes In reply to
I only saw the bight marks. my friend had me check them out and there were fang marks. he said it happened so fast all he made out was dark brownish color with some design to it. he did say it was not a copperhead he knows what they look like .

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Re: [Guest] Indiana Snakes In reply to
more than likely, it was a brown water snake...they're very aggressive and prevelant in the Valparaiso area.

Bettencourt Baits
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Re: [fish_a_holic] Indiana Snakes In reply to
I doubt that

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