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Caught a Stone Fish in Galveston Bay...

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Caught a Stone Fish in Galveston Bay this morning
I caught this fish just a few hours ago on the Texas City Dike...........the most dangerous fish in the world (Stone Fish) ............I had no idea what it was until just now......5:26 AM Sunday.

I had a great night of fishing. I fish off the Texas City Dike where my chair was on the rocks and my car was just 10-feet away so I did not have to haul all my ice chest and fishing stuff a long way off. I love this kind of fishing. I caught like 20-croaker, 15-sand trout, 1-whiting, 1-redfish, 3-gafttop and 1-stone fish. I took this stone fish off my line using a pair of pliers. It looked scary and I thought it might be poisonous. I had no idea how poisonous or I would have just cut my line. I had no idea Galveston Bay held stone fish. They are suppose to be found in reefs like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

To think, my hand came within an inch of this thing when I took the hook out of its mouth. Yikes!!!

I almost put that stone fish in my ice chest with all my other fish because I wanted to show it to my wife. If I had, I would have had to throw away all my other fish because it could have stung the other fish, injecting poison into them making them inedible. We are going to have a great fish dinner. Yum! Fish On
image/jpeg Stone Fish.jpg (176 KB)
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Re: [wickline60] Caught a Stone Fish in Galveston Bay this morning In reply to
Thats pretty scary, in the ocean you never know what you will catch. It could be a harmless fish at looks but could be deadly.


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