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Close call
On July 5, 1980 I did what I do every morning. I worked at NAS Pensacoola. I was standing on a seawall at the crack of dawn. I was catching white trout on a stringray grub. I was at the mouth of the slip at Port Services next to where the Lexington berths. I collected my catch in a paper bag to give to a lady at work. I gave my catch to her each morning. But I had to be at work at 7. At 6:45 a school of big jacks entered my area. Next thing I know there were Vietnese lined up on the seawall casting large gator spoons. So I ducked and dodged gator spoons. After getting in the clear I was walking down the edge of the seawall heading for my car. From nowhere this blurr passes me by inches. Another step and I wud be history today. This big fish landed in the parking lot and skided under an Admirals Barge. The boat was on blocks and there was a covey in which the fish skidded in. For about 15 mins the fish was raising hell. Each time it worked it way out I'd kick it back in. After it settled down I looked around thinking it might be someones fish. I was looking at everyone and they were looking at me. i figured out it was no ones fish. It had jumped on the dock. It was a large King. I crawled under the boat and dragged the fish out and loaded it in my car. There was a fishing contest going on the base for civilian employees only. I headed down Gulf Beach Hwy to a bait store. Had the fish weighed and registered. It was a 29 lb King. I forgot about it till I was called to Admin a few weeks later. I won first place with the King. Being honest
I told them It jumped on the dock. All fish had to be caught on hook and line. So I was disqualified. First place was a $40 gift cert. If you want this story verified look in the Pensacola News journal Sunday July 6, 1980 in the sporting section. I have a picture of the fish, entry paperwork, a copy of the cert for $40 and the disqualifacation paperwork. It was one of my finer moments.
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Re: [Alabama1943] Close call In reply to
Thats cool, i had no idea fish that big were right up on shore there. Also a kingfish that big would have caused some damage where ever the teeth landed.