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Veteran torut trip

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Veteran torut trip
Capt. Ron Ph#225-445-1019 Capt. Ron email -
Hello fellow anglers. What a great fishing trip with a wonderful day on the water with a lovely couple in from Mississippi and Mrs. Cindy recesently in all the way from Afganastan to enjoy some of the best fishing any where in the world and Von gave a plan of attack and he wanted Cindy to tussle with a big red fish before she was planed to depoly back to Afganastan on monday morning but first we needed some fish for a fish fry and I had the trout located in an interior lake and the plan was set.
I met von and Cindy at 5:30 at the dock and they were chomping at the bit reay for the action that was to come and loaded up for the short run to an interior lake close to the dock and about 3 casts later Cindy was hooked up and she jumped out to a four to nothing lead before Von got in on the action and from there it was on with trout after trout flying in on cast after cast then all of a sudden Cindy started to squeal and she was hooked into the monster that was just what von had wanted her to catch and after an exciting fight the beast finally gave up the ghost and into the net he went and a beauty she was almost 13 pounds of muscle. After a few pictures and a few high fives we were back at the action and it never slowed down from there we were catching fish on almost every cast with some fine speckled trout and black drums and reds and a few bay snappers mixed in it didn't take long to fill their limits of trout and with the fish box almost to the rim they wanted to try for some more red fish so off to spot number two where we caught another drum or two and a few small reds but not a lott so we tried another spot in a deep hole but nothing so we headed back to the first spot with the last of the bait and were able to pick up 3 more drums and two more bay snappers and the last of the trout limits.
So with two happy customers and a ton of great memories made for Mrs. Cindy to relive in her tent on her mission in Kanduhar we took it to the house where Cindy said she would relive this day the whole time she is in battle until the next time she and Von can do it again. All the fish were caught today on live shrimp rigged 2 feet under a rattling popping cork. The final fish count for the day was 75 nice speckled trout 3 red fish 7 puppy drums and 5 bay snappers. It was such a perfect day spent with two great people and every hing couldn't have went any better with te temperature like fishing in the air conditioning and not a cloud in the sky it was absolutely perfect day and I was o happy to take one of our finest who put their lives on the line every day for our valuable freedomthat we enjoy every minute of every day.
If you would like to make a trip Capt. Ron give us a call or drop us an email we would love to take you and your friends and family fishing but call early because the available days are going fast.If you would like to take a trip please give me a call or drop me an email and we can arrange the trip of your lifetime. And as our motto says, "RAIN OR SHINE, SLEET OR SNOW, IF YOU COME WE WILL GO!
Thanks Capt Ron