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still kicking

Allen Fly Fishing
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still kicking
Just wanted to say hi and dispell any rumors that I left for the great fishing hole in the sky. As I mentioned on the Mod's board have been busy with details of getting my new home built. I rented a house just a couple of blocks from my new quarters. It is located in a closed gate 55+ or older community. I'm typing this response from the their computer room. It is a great location. In fact I'll be attending a fly fishing club meeting tonight right here in their club house. There is a lake on the golf course a short distance from my new home but unfortunately it is not stocked.
You all have a great day.

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Re: [Dryrod] still kicking In reply to
So...l get some fish and get the lake stocked..LOL...

Now we both know that if .. and I stress IF you had gone to the great fishing hole in the sky that there would of been a MAJOR disturbance in the force.... and I did NOT feel any disturbance in the force so I knew you were and are still kicking... :-)

Keep in touch mi amigo...


...."May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it. ~Irish Blessing"
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Re: [Dryrod] still kicking In reply to
Cool! Congratulations on the new home and location. It sounds great. Too bad on the lake, maybe you can get some of the fishing club together and do some requesting to the powers that be.