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Still chillin'...still catchin'

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Still chillin'...still catchin'
CoolI knew it was gonna be cold this morning, no matter where I went. But I figured it wouldn't be too bad on Utah Lindon. Figured wrong. 'Bout got frostbit fingertips...even with gloves. 27 degree air temp and 48 degree water temp at 7:30 launch. Went to 49 water and 46 air temp when I drove off at 1 pm.

Based on past experience and recent reports I was hoping to find some fish starting to come inside Lindon Harbor. There were a few on sonar but none on the end of my line after freezing my fingers for an hour trying to find some. Worked several of my better spots for the late fall cool down but I got no love.

Worked around the points at the channel entrance. Got a couple of good rock tussles. Nothing else. Flipped a mental coin to decide which direction to point my tube...north to the creek or south to the bubbleup. South won. Not much further south but hopefully warmer. It was.

Cruised to the bubbleup at about half speed on my electric motor...casting and dragging plastics. Got a couple of whacks but no bendos. Was disappointed to see that there was absolutely nothing coming up out of the pipe. Nada, zilch, etc. Hoped there were at least some white bass around...and maybe a willing wallie. Plenty of whities, no wallies but a few aggressive kitties. Surprise.

Took a while to find the fish and the pattern. But once I zeroed in on the fish and what they wanted I was into constant white bass action. And they were all decent size. Few under 10 to 11 inches and plenty of footlongs. Those things hit hard and stretched my string good.

I put out a minnow with bling beads to drag along parallel with the bubbleup buoy line while I made casts with plastics into the line. Wasn't long before the line popped out of the clip. I figured it was probably a hyper whitie. I figured wrong. First cat was about a two footer and maybe 5 pounds. Nice surprise. Almost as good as a walleye. Almost.

Worked along the entire buoy line from about the 3'rd buoy out to the 7th buoy at the end. Caught both white bass and cats from 5' deep to over 8 feet deep. They were spread out today. The fastest action for the white bass was about right in the middle of the buoy buoy #4. The fish were all around it and stacked up right under it. A short flip, a brief sink, begin reeling and BENDO. Also got quite a few in a direct line between that buoy and both of the ones on either side of it.

Agressive fish were all through the water column today. But I couldn't get bit on a bobber rig. Had to cast, allow to sink and then move it up through the water column until a fish intercepted it. Sometimes they chomped it just after it hit the surface. Other times they picked it up off the bottom before I could start retrieving. It's all good.

I didn't take any spinners or crankbaits today. Figured the fish would be pretty slow. I'm guessing that as active as they were they would have hit the hard stuff just fine. Lots of hits on the larger 3" plastics were downright serious and moved the line several feet sideways on the smack.

Anything with chartreuse in it worked well. Also got quite a few on hot pink. My last half a grundle all hit the red and chartreuse 3" twister on a 1/16 oz. head...the one I was fishing for walleyes. No bait tipping or nothin'. Plain plastic and hard whacks.

Kept about 30 or so fat whities for a pot of chowder I have been "elected" to make for the fambly. Let all the kitties go. Didn't kiss any of them. Whatta think I am, kinky or somethin'?

Beautiful day but COLD. My hands stayed cold all day...even with gloves on. But there were no skeeters and no skiers. Always a tradeoff.
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Re: [TubeDude] Still chillin'...still catchin' In reply to
So what time are you servin the chowder?
Twin Falls, Idaho

Keep looking to the East
He will be coming in the clouds.
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Re: [idahopanfish] Still chillin'...still catchin' In reply to
CoolHere's yours. Seconds are extra.