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Will welcome a bite from ROMANIA

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Will welcome a bite from ROMANIA
I'm glad I met you ,all wondering here and there until I took courage and I have found an the internet.I am very glad .Romania is not in our fishing with artificial fly too well known,very little.I have 25 years experience in this field and have developed other techniques for the presentation of artificial flies which I gladly share them with you and your.Recently I TURNED ON THE SITE ,WWW.FLYESFISHING.COM and video on the site which is free and already get a lot of video footage American's.Many American's enter the site ,and have you learn ,that the site is translated in all languages.Video footage are now 185.I know that you have very skilled anglers because I saw them filming and I am glad.But to take five fish once or take away his or currents is very difficult to rope bite.Therefore I tell you next to me and have fishing champions have not fared.
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Re: [GABYFLY] Will welcome a bite from ROMANIA In reply to
Welcome to the site Gabyfly, I'm going to move your post to our flyfishing board.

BFT administrator and moderator
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Re: [GABYFLY] Will welcome a bite from ROMANIA In reply to
Thank you very much for help.I think it is better to put message in FLYFISHING.I made artificial flies for 25 years and have developed various techniques of artificial flies presentation.What artificial flies used there?.Do you know any company interested in buying artificial flies?.All products are custom and they are high quality.For those interested I can send test artificial flies or ready-made systems with artificial flies.Will pay only transport.Products you will be able to see on my site and 185 fishing video footage.I felt good ,keep in touch.I wish you health.
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