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Waterfowl/Turkey Guiding

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Waterfowl/Turkey Guiding
After recently learning about the issues in Idaho regarding the controversy of allowing guided waterfowl hunts in the state, I decided to interview the Idaho Waterfowl Association to find out what really is at stake, and to clarify what the issues really are.

The first part of that interview is posted on my blog, if you're interested: ... rfowl.html

I learned a lot of good info from the interview, and would be interested in your thoughts on the issue.

Anyway, I'm still sorting through the issue. Either way, if guiding is allowed, it may change the way we hunt our ducks/geese/turkeys.

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Re: [the_cactus_kid] Waterfowl/Turkey Guiding In reply to
Great article and the second one is now up too!!! Nice interview and info :)
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Re: [duksnfish] Waterfowl/Turkey Guiding In reply to
New posting is up on for Idaho waterfowl guiding issue. Hope everyone takes a look.
And then come on back to BFT and enjoy the fishing!!!
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