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New units

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New units
 I was just wondering what people thought about the new utah deer units?
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Re: [mwh34] New units In reply to
I think if the deer herd is in such dire straits we should cancel the hunt for everyone between the ages of 19 and 59 for a year or two if needed. I personally saw more deer this year than I've seen in my life but understand there is nothing scientific about that.

What does frost my rhubarb is my neighbors kids didn't draw a tag at all this year, kids should draw a general season buck tag no matter what. They are the future and if they lose interest the herd will really be in trouble. I will not archery hunt anymore because of this. I'll put in for my rifle tag and see if I draw like everyone else I guess. The reason I liked archery is I could hunt opening weekend in one spot and then go to another spot during the week.

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