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Mosquito Lagoon
I met Scot and Bill at the EW ramp this morning at 7am. Bill has a Key West and they didn't know the area so they followed me down to 3 Sisters and we fished along the horeshoe bank on the north east side of the islands. We were catching small trout on almost every cast.

We worked south and into the first cut to the south and followed the drop offs for a ways back in. More small trout and bluefish.

The water was like glass this morning with absolutely no wind until 9:30 pm, when the south wind quickly picked up. We left and headed back towards the ramp and got behind an island that blocked the south wind. I dropped a big pinfish down and it quickly got picked up by something huge! I worked it close to the boat and it spit the hook before I could see it.

Several casts later a shrimp I had cast next to the shore took off! A short fight brought a 20" red to the boat!

Next, the line with a chunk of pinfish was taken away from the bait stealers and a 22" red was in the boat. Scot also caught a 22" red.

All things considered it was a great day! We fished a lot of territory and caught lots of fish including some nice reds for dinner.