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Cabo Bite Report

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Cabo Bite Report
Captain George Landrum[/#000000]
Cabo Fish Report
February 20 - 26, 2012

WEATHER: Thiswas a strange week as one day the wind was howling and the next itwas calm. I was fishing with friends on a Panga Thursday, nice whenwe left the marina and by 9am there were whitecaps everywhere. Itseemed that the winds did not really start blowing hard until about10am, and sometimes the switched direction 180 degrees. There was noway to forecast this and every trip was a crap-shoot as to how thewater was going to be. We did have sunny skies all week with just abit of cloud cover on Tuesday and Saturday. Highs were in the mid80's and lows were in the low 60's.
WATER: As of the end of the week that large area of warm water which hadbeen approaching from the east had entered and begun to affect ourarea. Starting about Tuesday the water from the Gorda Point area ina line to the southwest had 74 degree water on the east side and 66degree water on the west side. At the end of the week this warmwater had pushed it's way along the Cortez side until we had 70degree water inside of the 1,000 fathom line and 74 degree wateroutside the line with a still existing plume of the warm waterrunning from Punta Gorda through the 1150 and southward. On thePacific side the 69 degree water expanded to the north and west aswell, with water inside of boundaries set by Todo Santos, the GoldenGate Bank and the San Jaime Bank and to the south being a steady 69degrees. Outside of these areas the water dropped several degrees to67. Surface conditions varied widely due to the inconsistent winds,rough as a cob on the Pacific side one day, smooth there and rough onthe Cortez side the next.
BAIT: Mackereland Caballito were the baits available at the normal $3 each andthere were actually some decent numbers of Sardines to be found atthe normal $25 a scoop.
BILLFISH: Most of the boats had a great deal of difficulty finding Marlinthis past week, my guess is that perhaps only 10-15% of them managedto get a Striped Marlin to eat. There were, however, a few magiciansout there. T.J. Managed to be consistent in getting four to six fishper trip and a few other boats (not many) managed to hook up everytrip. For the most part though, the fleet boats were not verysuccessful close to home and the fish were scarce. The best areasappeared to be off the San Jose Canyon early in the week, as well asoutside the 95 and 1150 area, and it is possible that the bettercatches were had up in the Vinorama area, a long way from home forus.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: Except for two days, the Tuna were absent in anynumbers in our area. The exception was Thursday and Friday whenseveral pods of Porpoise 6 miles out from the arch managed to producea few fish in the 15-25 pound class. Not great numbers, with thebetter boats only getting three or four fish, but better than we haveseen in several weeks. I heard that the bite that had been happeningup on the Inman Bank for Yellowfin had dropped off quite a bit aswell, and combined with the wind boats fishing there were lucky toget one fish to the boat while using live Sardines and chunk baits.
DORADO: The warm water that moved in broughtsome Dorado with it as evidenced by quite a few fish caught out bythe 95 and 1150 that weighed 25-30 pounds. There were still a fewsmall fish found close to shore in the San Jose area but other thanthat, almost nothing was happening with the Dorado. The ones caughtoffshore were hooked by boats fishing for Striped Marlin.
WAHOO: I did hear of four nice Wahoocaught this week, all in the 60 pound range. All of them were caughtjust outside the 1150 and 95 spot in the warmer water when it firstmoved into our area at the beginning of the week.
INSHORE: Yellowtail lost the title of fishof the week as the bite dropped off considerably. Most of theschooling fish had been coming from just off the arch, and that issupposed to be a no-fishing zone. I guess after seeing 35-40 boatsfishing out there for four days in a row, the marines decided to dosomething about it and started chasing the boats away. Just as wellit appears, because the fish had either been caught out or had movedon to a different area. Boats that extended their search range foundmore fish up around the Los Arcos and Margarita area. Larger fish to35 pounds were caught while trolling large-lipped plugs under divingpelicans and frigates while smaller fish were caught while driftinglive mackerel and Caballito. We managed to get one Yellowtail thatweighed 23 pounds during our windy Thursday trip, as well a oneAmberjack and several more good bites. Sierra are still availableand one of the favorite area depending on the wind conditions hasbeen just outside of the Chileno Beach area. There were some decentgrouper caught this week by the inshore fishermen as well, one ofthem almost 150 pounds!
FISH RECIPE: Check the blog for this weeksrecipe!
NOTES: Great temperatures, if just the windwould settle down! Inshore fishing has been fine while offshore hasbeen sketchy, but there are some nice fish to be caught. Lets seewhat this area of warm water brings us in the next week!
Have a great week, catch lots of fish, andget those reservations for Cabo made!