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The bite is sick! East Cape is having the best yellowtail action I have ever seen with fish that look like they are on steroids plus striped marlin have shown up with a big appetite.

I love providing the catching experience for first timers. Gary and Cindy Green of Chico CA stopped by with their daughter and granddaughter to set up a fishing trip on Jen Wren. Cindy was very reluctant stating she never had any luck and wanted the rest of the family to go without her. I explained that there was a good chance of sighting whales, porpoise, turtles, sea lions and other sea life and that a great time could be had without catching fish.

Yesterday Cindy elected to join the family and what a time it turned out to be. 15 year old granddaughter Shai-Anne and Gary both landed nice yellowtail in the morning. Then we headed a little further off shore where Gary caught and released his first marlin ever. Shortly after that we spotted 4 tailers in a group and hung 2 of them. Gary and Cindy battled both fish to leader and we released them.

At the end of the day Cindy had not only seen all the sea life hoped for she had also released the largest fish.

15 year old Shai-Anne with a dandy

Proud grandfather with their first yellowtail

It was exciting when the first marlin exploded out of the water

This fish put on quite a show

Gary has the first-timer smile

Now husband and wife have doubles going

Uh-oh! One is heading south while the other heads north. Thank you Accurate Reels! I love you guys.

It is choas!

Cindy's fish is a monster striper

Finally got em going the same direction. Gary is really putting on the heat.

First fish to the boat

Here comes number 2

Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841