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Cabo Bite Report

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Cabo Bite Report
Captain George Landrum[/#000000]
Cabo Fish Report
March 19-25, 2012

WEATHER: Withthe week starting off with partly cloudy skies it was nice thatthings cleared up and warmed up during the week. We had daytime highsin the mid to high 80's while the early morning lows were in the low60's. We started every day with little if any wind and then as theday progressed the wind slowly increased so that by 3 in theafternoon it was breezy and choppy.
WATER: On the Pacific side this week the swells were fairly steady at 3-5feet while on the Cortez side, as usual, they averaged 2 feet less at1-3 feet. On the Pacific side along the beach early in the week wewere seeing water in the mid 60's and as the week went on warm waterfrom the Cortez side crept around and forced the cold water north soby the end of the week we were seeing the water in the same area at71 degrees. Offshore on the Pacific side we had the same effectgoing on with the warm water pushing out and across the San JaimeBank, but by the end of the week the stronger currents coming downfrom the north had severed this plume of warm water, creating a hotspot just to the west of the San Jaime, while the water inshore ofthere cooled to 66-67 degrees. On the Cortez side the water averaged72 degrees with a warmer area of 73-74 degree water across the 95 and1150 areas. We came across a 1 ˝ degree temperature change 22 miles to the SSE of Cabo on Tuesday, 68.3 degrees and dirty green tothe west and 70 degrees and blue to the east. Had we continued to 38miles out and to the south, we would have encountered 74 degree andblue water, oh well. Also, in the afternoons the winds picked up andkicked in whitecaps, it was water in your teeth if you were cominghome from the south or southeast later in the week.
BAIT: Caballitoand Mackerel as well as a few Mullet could be had for $3 per bait. Afew of the bait boats had “frozen” ballyhoo for between $3-4,each, but you never know how many times they had been “frozen”.
BILLFISH: I did not hear of many Swordfish being seen this week, only twothat I know of, and neither of them were hooked up. As far asStriped Marlin go, things are improving slightly with fish being seenaround the 95 and 1150 area, right in that warm water (and bluewater) area. We caught a small one just off the lighthouse on thePacific side while on the downhill slide Friday afternoon, it strucka dorado colored lure, then ate a drop back Mackerel. Still,spotting the fins was one thing, getting them to eat another. Myguess is that only 20% of the boats had Marlin releases.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: While we did not see a lot of Yellowfin close tohome, a few boats that went 40+ miles both to the south and to thewest reported finding an occasional pod of Dolphin holding fish to120 pounds. Most of the fish were smaller, in the 40 to 60 poundclass, but there were a few large ones in there. Unfortunately thatwas too far for most of the boats to go, as well as having to reallyget beat up on the way home. Also not all of the dolphin hadYellowfin on them, so it was a real gamble to head out there. Closerto home there were a few boats that managed to find football sizedfish in open water, and a few that found fish in small pods ofdolphin just off the beach. All in all the Yellowfin were scarce. Many people I talked to thought that the Yellowfin and Dorado bitewas red hot, but then I explained that many of the boats were flyingthe yellow Dorado flags for Yellowtail and the white Tuna flags forSierra.
DORADO: There were a few small Dorado caughtthis week, but no numbers like last week. If there had been somethingfloating like there was last week (remember the dead whale?) then Iam sure that there would have been a lot more action.
WAHOO: ? There may have been a few caughtthis week but I did not hear of them.
INSHORE: Most of the boats, both Pangas andcruisers, have been focusing their efforts on catching Yellowtailthat have been averaging 23 pounds and Sierra that have beenaveraging 5 pounds. From the arch and on up the Pacific coastlinethe bite has been good for both species. Pulling small rapallas andhootchies just outside the breakers of the Sierra was good, but usingsmall Caballito with a stinger hook just in front of the tailproduced the larger fish. Of course you really went through a lot ofbait that way! For the Yellowtail, once again live bait was the bestproducer. Yo-yo's and diamond jigs produced some fish as didtrolling large lipped plugs, but live bait was by far the best. Dropping to just off the bottom in 90 to 130 feet of water brought infish to 45 pounds, get one of them hooked and you really had a fighton your hands! There were few grouper and snapper this week in ourarea, but I heard that the fishing for them was decent up around thePunta Gorda area.
FISH RECIPE: Check the blog for this weeksrecipe!
NOTES: With a nice week on the weather frontand some really great inshore fishing we ended up with a great Caboweek. We also had quite a few friends visit and made new ones aswell, always a nice thing to have happen. Listening to our friendsin the Brian Flynn Band play in the evenings after a day of fishingor golf really topped things off. For my music selection this week Ichose to listen to Ernest Ranglin, in particular his rendition of“Stop that Train”, what I have to believe is one of the best onesI have ever heard. Other of his music is great as well. Check himout and see if you don't get moving to the beat also!
Have a great week, catch lots of fish, andget those reservations for Cabo made!

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